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NION Health™ Launches Breakthrough Electrolyte Supplement, Moving Negative Ions into Positive Spotlight

Thursday, April 20, 2023

NION Health, a division of Galahad Life Sciences, introduces NION™ Electrolyte Drink Mix, a revolutionary supplement designed to enhance hydration, restore minerals, boost stamina, aid in detoxification, and optimize the regenerative effects of intermittent fasting. Available at, each 30-day pack of this electrolyte drink mix is priced at $68. Backed by double-blind clinical trials, NION has shown significant improvements in hydration, stamina, recovery, and mitochondrial function after just one week of use.

With a focus on providing the body with the balance of positive and negative ions it needs for optimal cellular function, NION acts as Nature's Charging Station™. In today's modern world, connecting with the negative voltage provided by the earth can be challenging. NION bridges this gap, supporting healthy mitochondria—the cellular "battery packs"—to enhance energy levels, performance, and cognitive clarity.

NION works at the cellular level, replenishing and recharging cell mitochondria to increase hydration and energy. Designed to complement intermittent fasting, it is particularly beneficial for individuals leading active lifestyles who strive for peak health and performance.

To use, simply mix one packet of the flavorless electrolyte drink mix into water, coffee, or smoothies. The granules of the mix dissolve in the liquid and release their electric potential over a 90-minute period within the body. This supports improved hydration, water balance, replacement of lost ions during fasting, and enhanced stamina during exercise.

NION's patent-pending NCS-330 millivolt (mV)™ granule, built on a crystalline matrix, offers the highest negative electric potential of any electrolyte available. These slow-release, safe, and edible crystalline granules promote healthy cellular function, energy levels, endurance, detoxification, and mental clarity. The formula is classified as a new dietary ingredient (NDI) by the FDA and falls under the category of food according to the DSHEA.

Manufactured in Washington State by Galahad Life Sciences Inc., the NION electrolyte supplement undergoes a meticulous four-stage process, employing specialized equipment and sample testing to ensure consistent crystalline granules that maintain a stable -330mV charge. Third-party laboratories perform thorough testing on the final crystalline granules, adhering to NION's stringent quality standards.

Prior to its launch, NION collaborated with renowned institutions, including the University of Washington, various research institutes, laboratories, and clinics, to develop and validate the product. Pure Branding, a leading brand strategy and market research agency, has played a vital role in guiding NION Health throughout its inception, creation, and successful launch.


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