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Nikon Launches the AX R MP: A Cutting-Edge Super-resolution Multiphoton Confocal Microscope with NSPARC Technology

Friday, July 28, 2023

Nikon Instruments Inc. has recently introduced the AX R MP with NSPARC, an advanced super-resolution multiphoton confocal microscope. This cutting-edge device allows for highly sensitive array detection and super-resolution imaging in deep areas of large living organism specimens. The release of this product is expected to significantly contribute to the understanding of brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, as well as support drug discovery research.

Nikon has been a leader in super-resolution microscopy since 2010, offering technologies that go beyond the resolution limits of conventional optical microscopes. Last year, they launched the AX R MP multiphoton confocal microscope, providing high-resolution, high-speed, and large field-of-view images in deep living bodies.

By combining the exceptional sensitivity of array-based NSPARC detection with the optical superiority of the AX R MP, researchers can now achieve super-resolution observations in deep regions of living organisms. This powerful combination is expected to advance nervous system drug discovery research and enhance our understanding of diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and dementia mechanisms. The addition of NSPARC-based detection to the AX R MP enables low-noise super-resolution imaging within large, living specimens, offering clear insights into the rapid dynamics of the living brain. This visualization can facilitate analyses connecting neuronal disease mechanisms with neuronal morphology and dynamics, thereby contributing to a better understanding of their functions.

To support the analysis of super-resolution images obtained with the AX R MP and NSPARC, Nikon provides a suite of AI tools integrated into their imaging software, "NIS-Elements." This AI-powered software automates complex image processing tasks, such as brightness adjustment, noise removal, and target cell extraction, streamlining user workflows, improving data collection, and enhancing image analysis.

Nikon's commitment to producing high-resolution objectives for multiphoton microscopy ensures a wide range of leading lenses that cater to various experimental needs. These lenses cover a wavelength range from ultraviolet to near-infrared with minimal color bleeding, enabling researchers to select the most suitable lens for their specific experiment. Among the lenses, the newly added CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda S 60XC Sil is particularly valuable for super-resolution deep observation at high magnification, contributing to a better understanding of nervous system mechanisms. By linking the NIS-Elements control software and objective information, image analyses can be performed seamlessly without the need for complicated parameter settings, further enhancing the research process.



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