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Nexus Spine Announces Launch of Stable-C™ Cervical Interbody System with Integrated Fixation

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Nexus Spine, a pioneer in advanced biomechanical solutions for spinal pathologies, has announced the beta launch of its cutting-edge Stable-C™ cervical interbody fusion implants, which incorporate integrated anchoring blades. This limited release further expands the company's Tranquil™ interbody product line, which currently includes ALIF, PLIF, TLIF, Steerable TLIF, DLIF, and standard cervical configurations. Engineered from titanium using proprietary compliant mechanism principles, Tranquil™ implants match the stiffness of spinal trabecular bone, promoting rapid stability while minimizing the risk of subsidence.

The inaugural beta surgery, performed by Dr. Kirk Clifford at Community Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado on July 12, 2022, showcased the exceptional features of the Stable-C™ system. Dr. Clifford expressed his admiration, stating, "Stable-C™ is an incredibly elegant system. The integrated anchoring blades were effortlessly deployed in a single step by rotating an instrument that attaches to the inserter. It is a substantial improvement over standard systems that require separate fixating components, saving time and simplifying surgeries. I have been utilizing various configurations of the Tranquil™ product line for quite some time and have achieved outstanding results. My patients report early postoperative clinical improvement, and radiographs demonstrate rapid integration and dynamic stability provided by Tranquil™. I am excited to incorporate Stable-C™ into my practice."

Dr. Jeffrey Hoskins of the Orthopaedic Institute of Dayton, Ohio, the designer behind Stable-C™, aimed to create a system that combines intraoperative convenience with robust fixation. "I believe we have achieved our goals with the recent refinements we made to the system," remarked Dr. Hoskins. "The anchoring and deployment design features perfectly complement the inherent benefits of the Tranquil™ matrix. I have high expectations for the success of my Stable-C™ patients."

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