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MediGO’s Latest Solution Digitally Transforms the Organ Recovery Process

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

MediGO, a healthcare supply chain technology company based in Baltimore, is revolutionizing the organ recovery process with its innovative software solution, Recovery TeamLink™. This groundbreaking platform offers unprecedented transparency and coordination for transplant centers, organ procurement organizations (OPOs), donor hospitals, and transportation partners involved in the organ recovery process.

When a transplant center accepts an organ for transplantation, it must dispatch a recovery team to the donor's location to retrieve, preserve, and transport the organ to the recipient. Timeliness is crucial for the success of this time-sensitive mission, requiring seamless coordination among multiple stakeholders, including care teams, OPO personnel, drivers, and pilots, to ensure the safe and timely delivery of the organ.

Recovery TeamLink serves as a centralized, HIPAA-compliant platform that facilitates communication, provides precise location tracking, and offers estimated arrival times for recovery teams and organs. This advanced level of coordination reduces the cold-ischemic time (CIT) of the organ and optimizes surgical schedules, ultimately leading to more lives saved.

"Our goal in developing Recovery TeamLink was to enhance every aspect of the organ recovery process," explained Scott Plank, co-founder and CEO of MediGO. "By ensuring efficient ground and air transportation and empowering teams to schedule transplant procedures with precision, this solution improves visibility, communication, patient outcomes, and overall operational efficiency."

The creation of Recovery TeamLink was made possible through a partnership with Indiana Donor Network, an Indianapolis-based OPO serving 85 Indiana counties, and its subsidiary, TxJet, a specialized aviation service dedicated to transporting donors' life-saving gifts to transplant recipients safely and expediently.

Previously, preparing the airplane for takeoff was based on the recovery team's departure from the hospital, without accounting for potential delays along the route. However, innovations like Recovery TeamLink now enable cost and fuel savings while better supporting recovery teams in coordinating patient care, as highlighted by pilot Jamie Adams, director of aviation at TxJet.

Recovery TeamLink is part of MediGO's comprehensive suite of products tailored for the donation and transplant industry. To learn more about MediGO's digital transformation of the donation and transplant process, visit their website at



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