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Maverick Medical AI and RadNet Unite for Nationwide Implementation of AI-Enhanced Medical Coding in Imaging Sites

Monday, November 27, 2023

Maverick Medical AI, a trailblazer in autonomous AI-powered medical coding, has announced a strategic collaboration with RadNet, a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services in the United States. In this partnership, Maverick integrates its Autonomous Medical Coding platform to address RadNet’s medical coding requirements, aiming to enhance revenue cycle management, cut operational costs, and optimize reimbursement processes. This platform has already been successfully implemented across RadNet’s network of imaging centers.

In conjunction with DeepHealth, RadNet's AI-driven health informatics system, Maverick plays a pivotal role in driving advancements in care delivery. By leveraging cutting-edge machine learning and generative AI, Maverick autonomously examines clinical notes, swiftly producing reimbursement codes (ICD-10, CPT) in real-time. This enables charges to be swiftly integrated into billing systems. Maverick's auditing features provide RadNet’s coding team with the ability to promptly review pre-populated reimbursement codes.

A noteworthy capability of Maverick is its active learning functionality, which enables real-time feedback collection from auditors and medical coders. This adaptive approach occurs without human intervention, resulting in a significant boost in productivity. Additionally, the collaboration involves the development of a real-time radiologist interface for addendum creation, demonstrating Maverick’s commitment to staying aligned with evolving coding guidelines and regulations.


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