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Lumicell Reports Initial Findings: LUMISIGHT™ Detects Metastatic Tumors Across Multiple Peritoneal Organs

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Lumicell, Inc., a company specializing in innovative fluorescence-guided imaging technologies for cancer surgery, has unveiled promising initial findings from its ongoing feasibility study of LUMISIGHT™, its primary candidate for detecting peritoneal malignancies during surgical debulking. This study, currently in progress, utilizes the investigational LUMISIGHT optical imaging drug and associated device to identify tumor metastases within the peritoneum. Dr. James C. Cusack, Jr., Associate Professor of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, presented the preliminary results from adult patients during the Advanced Cancer Therapies meeting organized by the Society of Surgical Oncology.

These findings mark a significant advancement in the potential of image-guided surgery to identify small tumors and metastases within the peritoneal cavity, potentially enhancing patient outcomes. Peritoneal metastases have a considerable impact on patient survival rates, underscoring the importance of achieving complete cytoreduction—removing all visible cancer during initial surgery before administering heated chemotherapy.

Peritoneal surface malignancies include primary peritoneal malignant mesothelioma and metastasized tumors from various organs, such as appendiceal, colorectal, gastric, pancreatic, and ovarian cancers, collectively affecting over 75,000 patients annually in the United States. The complexity and extent of peritoneal disease present challenges for comprehensive evaluation using conventional non-invasive imaging techniques like CT scans, PET scans, or MRIs. Surgeons often rely on visual inspection during surgical exploration to identify small peritoneal surface nodules, given the limitations of conventional imaging methods.




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