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LiveData and LGI Healthcare Solutions Team Up in Technology Partnership

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

LGI Healthcare Solutions a leading provider of healthcare IT solutions, has announced an expanded partnership with LiveData, a company specializing in surgical capacity optimization. Together, they aim to address the complexities of surgical scheduling, catering to various needs such as surgeon preferences and patient safety priorities.

The integration of LGI's Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology into LiveData PeriOp Manager enables hospitals to modernize their scheduling workflows. This integration optimizes workflows and resources, improving operating room (OR) utilization, patient safety, and overall staff and patient satisfaction.

It played a crucial role in streamlining hospital processes, enhancing OR utilization, reducing surgical delays and cancellations, and improving patient safety. RPA is instrumental in achieving these objectives, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between LGI Healthcare Solutions and LiveData.

LGI's RPA solution offers flexible implementation tailored to each client's needs, seamlessly integrating with existing workflows and business constraints.

Allows clinicians to focus more on patient care. Real-time access to patient data keeps hospital teams informed throughout the patient's journey.

Highlights the shared mission of automating communication between LiveData's PeriOp Manager platform and clients' Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

This collaboration aligns with LGI's commitment to improving healthcare performance and LiveData's goal of maximizing OR utilization, enhancing the clinician experience, and optimizing patient outcomes.



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