Levita® Magnetics Pioneers Precision in Abdominal Surgery Through Augmented Reality Headset Integration

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Levita Magnetics has achieved a significant breakthrough in surgical technology by integrating augmented reality (AR) into abdominal surgeries, marking a pivotal moment in the medical field. This achievement, demonstrated in Santiago, Chile, involved combining Levita's MARS™ system with the Meta Quest 3 Headset, resulting in enhanced surgical performance and opening doors to AI-enhanced digital surgery and global telesurgery.

The utilization of AR in abdominal surgery holds immense promise by offering an improved view of the surgical field and enabling real-time data delivery to surgeons. These capabilities are poised to revolutionize healthcare and surgical practices, especially in the realms of telesurgery and AI and robotics-driven solutions.

Abdominal surgery has traditionally been regarded as challenging due to the dynamic nature of the environment and the absence of fixed reference points. Levita's MARS system addresses these challenges, and the incorporation of AR technology underscores the company's commitment to advancing surgical innovation.

Furthermore, Levita's software, designed to integrate the MARS system with the Meta Quest 3 headset, can also be adapted for use with the Apple Vision Pro and other forthcoming AR headsets. This move aims to democratize access to AR technology in operating rooms, facilitating broader adoption and further propelling the development of groundbreaking surgical systems like the MARS system.


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