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Kipu Health Launches Patient Portal Increasing Care Access and Oversight for Treatment Centers and Patients

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Kipu Health, a technology partner specializing in mental health and addiction services, has announced the launch of the Kipu Patient Portal. This innovative platform provides crucial access to information that enhances the quality of care for patients with behavioral health issues.

The Kipu Patient Portal delivers real-time treatment and care information to patients and their authorized contacts, resulting in improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. Through a secure online interface, patients can conveniently access and exchange clinical and administrative documents, view appointments and medications, initiate telehealth sessions, and more—all from the comfort of their own environment.

Sally Abu-moustafa, Executive Vice President of Product Management at Kipu, emphasized the significance of the patient portal for treatment centers and their patients. She stated, "With this level of insight and access to treatment plans, patients and their loved ones can easily track and respond to important milestones in their care journey. The portal engages patients in their care plan, which is crucial for positive outcomes, offering real-time information and direct access to providers."

During the beta-launch phase, the portal garnered significant demand, with nearly 10,000 registered users. Abu-moustafa attributed this success to the portal's user-friendly interface and intuitive design. Additionally, the patient portal reduces the burden on clinic staff by streamlining the sharing of information, thanks to its real-time integration with the Kipu Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform.

Melva Avila, EMR Manager at Monte Nido and Affiliates, expressed enthusiasm about the patient portal's contribution to the care experience. Avila said, "By enabling our patients and their caregivers to access medical information and view appointments, we are providing the comfort and support they need for a successful recovery."

The Kipu Patient Portal empowers users of the Kipu EMR platform to securely share treatment-related information with patients, guardians, and guarantors. As one of the most widely used platforms in the behavioral health industry, the Kipu EMR serves over 80,000 users at more than 1,600 facilities worldwide. Kipu's cloud-based platform manages the entire patient lifecycle, from the initial call to admission, treatment, follow-up, and billing.

Paul Joiner, CEO of Kipu, emphasized the importance of solutions like the patient portal in light of ongoing staffing shortages in the healthcare industry. Joiner stated, "By providing patients with access to information and facilitating communication and action items through the portal, we are supporting staff with the efficiency and support they need to focus on delivering the best possible care."

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