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Immunify.Life Launches Groundbreaking Blockchain-Based HIV/AIDS Treatment Outcomes Study

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Immunify.Life, an innovative healthcare ecosystem based on blockchain technology, has partnered with Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST), the leading university in Kenya specializing in science, technology, and innovation. Together, they have successfully laid the groundwork for a comprehensive study on HIV/AIDS treatment outcomes, which has now been officially launched. The study aims to utilize the Immunify.Life data capture and processing platform to empower patients, communities, and entire countries by leveraging token rewards to enhance adherence rates in HIV/AIDS patients who have previously struggled with treatment compliance.

This HIV/AIDS treatment outcomes study showcases the remarkable potential of the Immunify.Life technology, and the findings will contribute to shaping the future Strategic Direction on HIV treatment in Kenya.

Kakamega County's Department of Health coordinators have highlighted the presence of over 1,000 patients with high viral loads in July, indicating possible treatment failure. Hence, this study is not only necessary but also timely. Kenya has one of the world's largest populations of individuals living with HIV/AIDS, with approximately 30% of them not receiving proper treatment. Additionally, adolescents and young adults account for 42% of all new HIV infections in Kenya.

Commenting on the study, Immunify.Life CEO Guy Newing stated, "The technology we employ at Immunify.Life is designed to tackle the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and vaccination programs. Blockchain technology represents the cutting-edge frontier that will revolutionize healthcare in Africa."

Dr. Charles Mutai, a Professor at MMUST's Medical School, emphasized, "Our Vice Chancellor is dedicated to strengthening research capacity and has actively encouraged the formation of research teams to develop proposals in various areas. Consequently, this project will receive the necessary administrative support. We anticipate that it will significantly impact lives and address community issues."

Dr. Tecla Jerotich Sum, the Project Coordinator of Immunify.Life MMUST SolutionHub, affirmed, "Our service is defined by our commitment to every individual's well-being. We strive to enhance health outcomes and wellness for all those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. Through the utilization of science, innovation, technology, and compassion, we aim to improve the quality of care and prevent any gaps in the continuum of care."

Dr. Sum further elaborated on the benefits of the system, stating, "The project encompasses critical components such as HIV/AIDS screening, laboratory tests, treatment, follow-up care, peer group support, tracking of treatment outcomes, monitoring retention on treatment, and efficient paperless data management. I am thrilled about this project because its success will extend beyond the entire country and eventually impact the entire continent."

Immunify.Life is a comprehensive and sustainable platform that incentivizes patients, conducts health campaigns, and seamlessly integrates peripheral health-related data and data management tools for healthcare providers, patients, families, and other stakeholders. By collaborating with relevant government health ministries, subsidiary entities, NGOs, partner health organizations, for-profit partners, donors, and more, Immunify.Life is dedicated to unlocking the untapped potential and advantages of innovative technology within the healthcare sector.

While blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are often associated with speculation, they offer inherent privacy, security, value-added incentives, seamless collaboration, and cross-platform integration that cannot be achieved through other means. These innovations possess unique use cases, which Immunify.Life and its partners are exploring for the betterment and welfare of all individuals.

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