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Hyperfine, Inc. Teams Up with Athletic Heart to Deliver Essential Brain Health Imaging for Retired Professional Athletes

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Hyperfine, and Athletic Heart Cardiac and Metabolic Testing, LLC (Athletic Heart) have announced a partnership aimed at bringing portable brain imaging screenings to active and former professional athletes, with an initial focus on retired professional basketball players. Through this collaboration, retired players will undergo advanced brain screenings using Hyperfine's Swoop® system, a portable magnetic resonance (MR) brain imaging system cleared by the FDA. The screenings will provide clinicians with valuable insights into the brain health of individual athletes, assisting in informed medical decision-making.

The partnership underscores both companies' commitment to expanding the availability of brain MR imaging to various care settings where it can benefit patients. Hyperfine's proprietary ultra-low-field MR technology ensures the safety and portability necessary for on-site brain imaging, making this initiative feasible and practical.

Athletic Heart, previously known for its emphasis on cardiac health, will now incorporate the Swoop® system into its offerings, enabling on-site brain imaging for athletes. This collaboration represents a significant advancement in preventive care and brain health within the athletic community.

A spokesperson for the partnership, whose identity is not provided, expressed excitement about the collaboration's potential to reshape patient care and improve MR imaging accessibility for all patients. The partnership's launch during the All-Star weekend in Indianapolis underscores its significance within the professional sports community and beyond.


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