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Healthyr and Koning Health Join Forces for a Bold Leap in Enhancing Breast Wellness

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

In a groundbreaking move within the healthcare sector, Healthyr, a prominent provider of at-home health testing solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Koning Health, an innovator in cutting-edge breast imaging technology. This significant collaboration aims to empower women globally by offering advanced, non-invasive breast health solutions.

Healthyr has consistently led the way in empowering women to proactively prioritize their breast health. Their comprehensive suite of services, combined with personalized recommendations and actionable insights, has made them a trusted name in healthcare. Koning Health's commitment to providing a superior breast imaging solution is evident through their NO-COMPRESSION, TRUE 3D Breast CT, which addresses the limitations of standard mammography, including discomfort and callbacks.

By melding Healthyr's at-home testing solutions with Koning's cutting-edge imaging technology, this partnership strives to pinpoint breast health issues during their nascent stages, ensuring timely interventions and ultimately resulting in improved health outcomes.

Both firms are aligned in their mission to empower women to actively manage their breast health. This collaboration will provide women with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about their health. With Koning Breast Computed Tomography available worldwide, this partnership will ensure that more women across the globe have access to cutting-edge breast health solutions. The partnership is set to launch this month, with both companies working closely to seamlessly integrate their services and offer a user-friendly experience.

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