Healthcare Ventures into AI Advancements with Edgility Acquisition, Transforming Patient Journey Decisioning

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Healthcare technology leader ABOUT Healthcare recently announced its acquisition of Edgility, a prominent AI and analytics platform company specializing in real-time operations management.Strategic move aims to bolster ABOUT's existing care orchestration technology with advanced capabilities, creating a comprehensive patient flow model from admission to discharge.

The integration of Edgility's AI and analytics expertise enhances ABOUT's solution by providing predictive and prescriptive analytics, enabling healthcare organizations to make informed decisions regarding patient progression. This newly fortified care orchestration solution offers enhanced visibility and optimization, empowering healthcare providers to increase patient capacity and streamline patient transitions to appropriate facilities.

By combining ABOUT's expertise with Edgility's technology.The solution promises real-time insights into discharge metrics, facilitating efficient patient movement and placement while identifying and addressing discharge barriers early in the process.

The significance of the acquisition in delivering better coordinated care across the patient journey. He highlighted the solution's ability to provide deep situational awareness and decision support, ultimately enhancing coordination at every step of the patient's healthcare experience.

Transformative potential of the combined platform, stating that it will revolutionize patient flow velocity without compromising quality care. He emphasized the platform's focus on frontline healthcare decision-making, ensuring that every action is optimized to improve care efficiency and quality.

This acquisition marks another milestone in ABOUT's commitment to advancing patient progression within healthcare systems. By integrating Edgility's capabilities into its portfolio, ABOUT aims to further accelerate patient access to necessary care while driving efficiency and quality throughout the healthcare ecosystem.


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