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Hawaii Health Network and COPE Health Solutions Partner on Population Health Analytics

Friday, July 29, 2022

Hawaii Health Network (HHN) has teamed up with COPE Health Solutions (CHS) to provide population health analytics through its Analytics for Risk Contracting (ARC) platform as HHN enters its inaugural risk arrangement with Humana and United for a Medicare population on Oahu.

The ARC software as a service (SaaS) platform will integrate claims from the payers, along with electronic health records, lab, social determinants and other data. This information will be paired with national cost and utilization benchmarks, enabling a one-of-a-kind analytics capability will enable HHN to better identify opportunities to enhance quality and care, reduce costs, develop products and grow its network. ARC also provides role-based reports and dashboards with expert insights, identifying specific actionable opportunities to achieve the desired improvements at the management and practice level.

Along with the ARC platform, a team of CHS experts will work collaboratively with HHN on targeting and prioritizing actionable financial and quality improvement opportunities.

“Investing in our analytics capabilities early on with a trusted partner with national expertise will enable us to achieve the triple aim for our population and provide the sustainable foundation for the growth of the network,” said Amy Feeley-Austin, Executive Director of HHN. “We want to ensure we’re using the best tools available to support our clinical leadership, providers and the health of our members.”

“We are honored to have been selected by a HHN to partner with them on achieving their population health management and value based payment goals. It is exciting for us to get to work with Hawaii’s newest independent physician led network to improve health and ensure financial sustainability of the health care system,” said Principal and CEO of CHS, Allen Miller.

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