Gentry Health Services and Pleio, Inc. Form Collaborative Alliance

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Gentry Health Services and Pleio, Inc. have collaborated to transform the patient experience within specialty pharmacy. Their joint effort introduces a pioneering program focused on providing peer-to-patient support during the initial stages of specialty medication therapy.

Gentry Health Services is deeply committed to improving clinical outcomes for patients dealing with complex disease states. Nimesh Patel, Chief Operating Officer at Gentry Health Services, stressed their dedication, stating, "We understand the challenges patients face when starting specialty medication therapy, especially for the first time. By incorporating emotional sensitivity into our approach, we aim to remove barriers hindering successful therapy initiation."

Citing research from the American Medical Association in early 2023, which identified emotional barriers as contributing to non-adherence in five of the top eight cases, the partnership underscores the importance of addressing patients' emotional needs. Recognizing the criticality of the first 100 days of therapy, Gentry Health Services and Pleio aim to provide a human-centered approach, fostering trust and confidence as patients embark on their healthcare journey.

Pleio's GoodStart™ Program, in collaboration with Gentry Health Services, offers a compassionate, human touch to patient interactions, bridging gaps in engagement and providing tailored support as patients engage with specialty pharmacies. Mark Gregory, Chief Pharmacy Officer at Pleio, emphasized the program's integration within Gentry's processes, ensuring personalized care for every patient. "Our aim is to design an experience where each patient feels valued, motivated, and understood," Gregory added.

The partnership's holistic approach ensures ongoing connectivity with patients, minimizing therapy interruptions, and augmenting Gentry Health Services' clinical care team efforts. By providing informative resources and education, the team endeavors to alleviate patients' apprehensions and overwhelm.

Gentry Health Services and Pleio are committed to measuring the impact of their collaboration, collecting data on patient engagement, satisfaction, adherence rates, and operational efficiencies. Through this partnership, they aim to redefine patient care in specialty pharmacy, prioritizing empathy and support to enhance clinical outcomes and elevate the overall patient experience.



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