Expansion of Lafayette, Indiana's Center for Pain Management Clinic

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

The Center for Pain Management (CFP) is pleased to announce the expansion of its clinic in Lafayette, doubling its size to better serve the pain management needs of the Greater Lafayette area and neighboring communities. The expansion promises improved access to appointments, a cutting-edge facility, and continued delivery of compassionate, high-quality care.

Starting in January 2024, the Lafayette office will relocate from 3738 Landmark Drive to a larger space at 3750 Landmark Drive. This move will increase the number of patient examination rooms from 6 to 15 and will include dedicated areas for physical therapy and psychological services. The goal is to provide patients with greater flexibility in scheduling, offering additional appointment slots and accommodating add-in appointments. The expansion also aims to enhance patient access by increasing the availability of new patient appointments.

The newly expanded Lafayette clinic is committed to a holistic approach to pain management, offering a range of services such as minimally invasive procedures, physical therapy, and psychological support. This comprehensive approach allows CFP to effectively address the diverse needs of its patients.

CFP, including its Lafayette location, remains dedicated to delivering comprehensive services tailored to address various conditions. Patients can access resources and support for common sources of chronic pain, including back or neck pain, as well as more complex conditions like neuropathic pain and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). The pain clinics at CFP also cater to individuals experiencing acute pain resulting from sports injuries, work accidents, or general injuries. For those requiring minimally invasive procedures, CFP has established affiliations with ambulatory surgical centers, providing a dedicated space for these specialized treatments.


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