Exo® Revolutionizes Ultrasound Technology with the Introduction of Exo Iris™

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Exo, a company specializing in medical imaging software and devices, has introduced a revolutionary handheld ultrasound device known as Exo Iris™. This groundbreaking device aims to make advanced medical imaging accessible to caregivers everywhere, fitting comfortably in their hands and pockets. Built upon Exo's cutting-edge silicon technology, Exo Iris offers versatile point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) capabilities at a fraction of the size and cost of traditional cart-based systems. It represents the latest addition to Exo's comprehensive ecosystem, which seamlessly integrates imaging, workflow software, and artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate the widespread adoption of POCUS.

Exo Iris empowers caregivers, including physicians, nurses, EMTs, and clinicians in various healthcare settings such as emergency, acute care, outpatient, and even at-home situations. This innovative device provides immediate insights into the human body, offering rapid answers directly at the point of care. Its user-friendly design makes it as simple to use as capturing an image with a smartphone, addressing the need for more accessible and user-centric medical technology.

For healthcare professionals who have longed for more convenient and connected medical tools, Exo Iris is a game-changing solution. It has the potential to save lives, enhance patient care, and reduce healthcare costs. Iris serves as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design and signifies the beginning of a new era in medical imaging technology.

Exo Iris is designed with caregivers in mind, seamlessly combining an intuitive user experience with real-time AI capabilities. This unique combination ensures that even individuals with minimal experience can access immediate answers at their fingertips. Notably, Exo's patented SweepAI™ technology automates image acquisition with a simple wrist motion, reducing operator variability and bias to ensure consistent and precise imaging.

Exo Iris is powered by Exo's patented pMUT-based technology, which combines the imaging capabilities of piezoelectric crystals with the cost-effectiveness of silicon. This silicon architecture enables rapid improvements in imaging quality and facilitates real-time AI analysis. With Exo Iris, every frame can be analyzed to guide users toward quick and accurate diagnostic conclusions.



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