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Centinel Spine® Announces First Commercial Use of the prodisc® C Vivo Cervical Total Disc Replacement System in the Western U.S.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Centinel Spine®, a prominent global medical device company specializing in the treatment of cervical and lumbar spinal disease through anterior surgical access, has announced the successful first implantation of its prodisc® C Vivo Cervical Total Disc Replacement (TDR) product in the Western United States. This milestone follows the recent approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for 1-level indications for prodisc C Vivo, prodisc C SK, and prodisc C Nova. With the addition of the already available prodisc C implant, which remains the most extensively studied TDR technology, Centinel Spine now offers the widest range of cervical TDR solutions worldwide, catering to surgeon preference and individual patient anatomy.

The procedure utilizing the prodisc C Vivo system was performed by Dr. Alexandre Rasouli of Rasouli Spine in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Rasouli expressed his satisfaction with the prodisc portfolio, praising its long history of clinical excellence, reliable motion mechanism, and established materials. He found the prodisc C Vivo system particularly user-friendly, thanks to its well-designed instruments and streamlined technique. Dr. Rasouli believes that this system will be a valuable treatment option, particularly for his patients in outpatient settings.

Steve Murray, CEO of Centinel Spine, expressed his delight in seeing esteemed spine surgeons like Dr. Rasouli choosing prodisc C Vivo for their patients. The anatomical endplate designs across the prodisc cervical portfolio provide surgeons with a range of options to select the most suitable disc based on individual patient anatomy. The introduction of the prodisc C Vivo implant showcases Centinel Spine's ongoing commitment to enhancing spine care.

The prodisc C Vivo system has been in use internationally since 2009 and is currently one of the most frequently implanted TDR devices outside of the United States. Like all prodisc products, the prodisc C Vivo device incorporates prodisc CORE technology, which has a proven track record of delivering predictable clinical outcomes over 30 years and more than 225,000 worldwide implantations.

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