BroadcastMed Acquires AEGIS Dental Network

Friday, August 26, 2022

BroadcastMed, a leading healthcare media company, has completed the acquisition of AEGIS Dental Network, a prominent player in dental communications. This strategic move expands BroadcastMed's audience to include 400,000 dental clinicians, in addition to its existing membership of over 1.7 million physicians across 11 specialties. With this acquisition, the combined organization boasts over 100 years of professional experience and leadership in healthcare publishing, education, and multimedia communications. The official announcement of the acquisition was made on August 18, 2022, with the support of growth capital partner 424 Capital.

BroadcastMed is renowned for providing physicians and allied healthcare professionals with convenient access to top-quality educational content. By integrating AEGIS Dental Network's expertise, BroadcastMed continues its mission of delivering industry-leading clinical content to frontline healthcare professionals, ultimately aiming to improve patient outcomes.

This acquisition represents another significant milestone in BroadcastMed's impressive growth trajectory. The company is dedicated to expanding the global healthcare dialogue by connecting and enlarging its audience of healthcare stakeholders. Through these engagements, BroadcastMed gathers and analyzes intelligence to create more value for its clients.

Ross Joel, CEO of BroadcastMed, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, emphasizing the company's commitment to providing dental health professionals with deeper and more meaningful content. Joel highlighted BroadcastMed's world-class media solutions and its aim to advance the sharing of subject matter expertise among specialty-centric clinicians.

Peter Gailey, President of BroadcastMed, also shared his enthusiasm, stating that the acquisition of AEGIS Dental Network aligns with the company's strategic goal of building a multi-channel resource to serve all healthcare constituencies. Gailey emphasized that BroadcastMed's expansion into the dental space and its future plans support the company's vision.

AEGIS Dental Network, a subsidiary of AEGIS Publications, LLC, offers an extensive oral healthcare platform catering to the entire dental team, including clinicians, technicians, hygienists, assistants, and students. Their platform provides comprehensive and purposeful content designed to enhance dental practice and patient care.

With decades of experience and a portfolio of over 18,000 media productions, BroadcastMed continues to solidify its position as a healthcare media company driving the future of medicine. The company has been a pioneer in livestreaming surgeries online and now offers data-driven solutions to optimize marketing and education initiatives for esteemed healthcare organizations such as Mayo Clinic, Boston Scientific, Novartis, Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, and the Institute for Functional Medicine.

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