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BostonGene and Duke University Unveil Groundbreaking Partnership Agreement

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

BostonGene, a leading provider of AI-driven solutions for molecular and immune profiling, has recently announced a master collaboration agreement with Duke University School of Medicine. Duke University School of Medicine is renowned for its excellence in healthcare education, clinical services, biomedical research, and community engagement. The collaboration is set to cover a range of research projects, focusing on areas such as lung cancer, gastrointestinal issues, genitourinary conditions, and skin cancers.

This strategic partnership allows Duke University's physicians and researchers to harness the expertise of BostonGene in extensively characterizing the molecular and cellular aspects of patients' tumors, microenvironments, and immune systems. The overarching goal is to assess the predictive value of this information in response to treatment.

Under the agreement, BostonGene will provide state-of-the-art analytics, interpretation, and visualization of comprehensive data obtained from genomic, transcriptomic, cell phenotyping, proteomic, and imaging studies for cancer patients at Duke University. This service extends to those involved in clinical trials, ensuring a thorough understanding of their conditions.

The primary focus of the collaborative study is to identify predictive biomarkers that can enhance the precision of identifying patients who are most likely to benefit significantly from immunotherapy, particularly in the context of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).


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