BioSig Places Second PURE EP™ System For Evaluation at Cleveland Clinic a Leading Medical Center of Excellence

Thursday, August 25, 2022

BioSig Technologies Expands Collaboration with Cleveland Clinic and Advances Electrophysiology Workflow

BioSig Technologies, a leading medical technology company focused on enhancing electrophysiology workflow through its proprietary signal processing platform, announced today the installation of a second evaluation system at the esteemed Cleveland Clinic. This additional installation aims to support the clinic's ongoing clinical evaluation of the PURE EP™ System while providing physicians with enhanced access to BioSig's cutting-edge signal processing technology.

Gray Fleming, Chief Commercialization Officer of BioSig Technologies, expressed satisfaction with the increasing interest and demand for their technology at the Cleveland Clinic. The installation of the additional unit will allow a broader range of physicians to experience the superior signal quality provided by the PURE EP™ System across a variety of cases.

Aligning with their national commercial strategy, BioSig Technologies prioritizes a customer-centered approach to maximize the clinical value and implementation of the PURE EP™ System. This approach has garnered interest from multiple electrophysiology labs in the Midwest, and the company recently expanded its clinical footprint in Illinois through an additional evaluation agreement with a leading medical center in Springfield, the state capital.

Looking towards the future, BioSig Technologies will serve as a partner at the upcoming Cleveland Clinic Global EP Summit 2022, scheduled for September. This annual event brings together more than 40 global experts in the field and provides a platform to showcase the latest practice insights across the spectrum of electrophysiology care. The company's participation highlights their commitment to advancing the field and fostering collaboration among industry professionals.

BioSig Technologies continues to drive innovation in electrophysiology workflow, aiming to provide healthcare professionals with advanced tools and technologies that improve patient outcomes in the field of cardiac electrophysiology.

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