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Baylis Medical Technologies Unveils PowerWire® Pro RF Guidewire, Expanding Patient Access to Treatment for Occluded Venous Stents

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Baylis Medical Technologies Inc. has unveiled the PowerWire® Pro Radiofrequency (RF) Guidewire in the United States, after receiving 510(k) clearance. This innovative device aims to simplify the recanalization of venous stents affected by total occlusions. Patients with stenotic or occluded peripheral vessels often require stent placement to restore normal blood flow.

However, these stents can re-occlude, necessitating further intervention. The PowerWire® Pro RF Guidewire is specifically designed to overcome this challenge by utilizing radiofrequency technology to navigate through totally occluded stents in peripheral vessels. Its design enables precise application of RF energy to navigate segments of the occlusion that are inaccessible through traditional means. Importantly, the RF energy ceases upon contacting metal, reducing the risk of vessel damage during in-stent occlusion crossing.

This introduction expands Baylis Medical Technologies' range of clinical solutions in radiology and vascular surgery, underscoring the company's commitment to advancing patient care through innovation. The PowerWire® Pro RF Guidewire empowers physicians to address occlusions more effectively, offering a promising alternative to conventional methods.


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