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B. Braun Launches CARESITE Micro™ Luer Access Device and Extensions

Friday, December 15, 2023

B. Braun Medical has recently launched the CARESITE Micro™ Luer Access Device, aiming to revolutionize infusion therapy and pain management. This innovative needleless connector is specifically designed to diminish exposure to harmful chemicals, thereby reducing infection risks and ensuring greater safety for both patients and healthcare providers.

The CARESITE Micro Device stands out as the only connector not incorporating Bisphenol A (BPA), a harmful chemical linked to multi-organ toxicity. Crafted from a material resistant to drugs, it helps mitigate the risk of infections and drug exposure resulting from stress cracks associated with material and drug incompatibility.

The device's smooth, flat surface facilitates proper disinfection, while its straight fluid path design aids in complete flushing of blood and medications with a minimal flush volume, thus effectively reducing the likelihood of hospital-acquired bloodstream infections associated with catheter insertions.





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