ARUP's Cutting-Edge Institute for Advancements in Diagnostic and Precision Medicine: Pioneering the Landscape of Laboratory Medicine

Saturday, September 30, 2023

ARUP Laboratories has introduced the ARUP Institute for Research and Innovation in Diagnostic and Precision Medicine™ (R&I Institute), aimed at advancing patient care through cutting-edge diagnostic and prognostic technologies and innovative testing methods. The primary focus of the R&I Institute is to maximize its positive impact on patients' well-being.

During her tenure as the executive director of PharmaDx, George leveraged her expertise in research, pathology, and clinical trials to develop groundbreaking companion diagnostic tests, including AAV5 DetectCDx™, through collaborations with industry partners. In her current role as CSO and president of the Innovation Business Unit, George has shifted her attention to the R&I Institute.

Notably, the R&I Institute was responsible for the development of the first FDA-approved companion diagnostic immunoassay. The establishment of this dedicated innovation hub marks a significant step forward for ARUP as it redoubles its commitment to fostering creativity and discovery. Innovation plays a pivotal role in the creation of reliable tests, which are crucial for both medical practitioners and patients, ultimately contributing to the delivery of high-quality healthcare. The ultimate goal is to enhance outcomes for the millions of patients who receive care from ARUP each year.



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