ARUP and ELLKAY Team Up to Improve Connectivity Solutions for Health System Outreach Operations

Thursday, April 25, 2024

ARUP Laboratories and ELLKAY, a healthcare connectivity company, have recently teamed up to support health systems in strengthening their laboratory outreach operations. This collaboration aims to address the challenge of connecting provider offices, electronic health records (EHRs), billing departments, and other essential systems.

The solution they are introducing is called LKOrbit, a laboratory enterprise platform that facilitates electronic orders, simplifies results delivery, and streamlines reimbursement workflows.

ARUP Healthcare Advisory Services, establishing effective connectivity is a significant hurdle for outreach operations. She emphasized the importance of enabling providers to seamlessly order tests through their EHRs and integrate results back into their systems. ELLKAY's expertise lies in providing secure data exchange tools across various platforms, including EHRs, registration, payers, and laboratories.

LKOrbit, being a cloud-based connectivity platform, promises to optimize provider workflow by enabling rapid order processing, result delivery, and report generation. It ensures accurate billing through the integration of clinical and demographic data. This solution is designed to be scalable and flexible, catering to the diverse needs of health systems, with ARUP clients gaining access to competitive pricing.

Highlighted the shared commitment of both companies to patient-centric care, efficacy, and safety. He emphasized the importance of delivering timely and accurate information to physicians for the benefit of patients.

Expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting their focus on innovation and interoperability. He stated their readiness to leverage expertise to empower health systems in expanding outreach, improving workflows, and maximizing laboratory value.

ARUP Healthcare Advisory Services provides tailored consultation to health systems seeking to establish or expand laboratory outreach operations. Sandy Richman emphasized the significance of connectivity in these consultations and expressed confidence in the partnership with ELLKAY to deliver value to hospital labs and patients.

The collaboration between ARUP and ELLKAY represents a strategic alliance aimed at revolutionizing healthcare connectivity, enhancing operational efficiency, and ultimately improving patient care.






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