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Anuncia Medical Introduces Next-Generation Device for Hydrocephalus Treatment, Now Accessible at Leading Neurosurgical Centers Across the United States

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Anuncia Medical Inc., a specialized company focused on advancements in implantable and external cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) management systems and neurocritical care, is excited to announce the successful launch of the ReFlow™ Mini Flusher device in the United States. This innovative device offers new possibilities for neurosurgeons to address hydrocephalus and provide improved access to potentially life-saving therapy for the 30 million individuals worldwide who suffer from this neurological disorder.

Hydrocephalus is a chronic neurological condition characterized by the buildup of excess CSF in the brain, leading to severe symptoms, frequent hospitalizations, and ongoing health concerns. Left untreated, it can be fatal. The second-generation ReFlow Mini Flusher has received FDA clearance for use in patients with hydrocephalus or similar conditions. Its compact size and profile make it suitable for a broader range of patients, from infants to older adults.

The patented ReFlow Mini Flusher is uniquely designed to flush CSF back into the ventricular catheter, helping to maintain, restore, or increase hydrocephalus shunt flow with a simple push of the flusher's soft dome located beneath the patient's scalp. This noninvasive flushing process can be performed in-clinic by trained clinical staff or by a trained patient/caregiver, as directed by the treating neurosurgeon, without interfering with shunt flow regulation.

Since its recent release, several leading medical centers across the United States have successfully implanted the ReFlow Mini, and patients are already experiencing the benefits in managing their chronic hydrocephalus. Additionally, Anuncia is actively exploring opportunities to extend assistance to neurosurgeons in regions where hydrocephalus treatment remains challenging, such as addressing the recent public health crisis in Uganda, where a bacterial outbreak has led to a surge in hydrocephalus cases. The company is actively seeking strategic partners who share the belief that the ReFlow Mini can significantly enhance the lives of undermanaged patients.



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