Acutus Medical Announces Full Market Release of next generation software platform AcQMap 8.5

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Acutus Medical, Inc., an arrhythmia management company focused on improving the way cardiac arrhythmias are diagnosed and treated, today announced the full commercial release of AcQMap 8.5. This next generation software platform introduces new algorithms and features to further improve the accuracy and workflow of non-contact ultrasound-based anatomical reconstruction.

“AcQMap 8.5 represents an important step forward in our technology roadmap with a specific focus on improving procedure workflow and physician experience,” said Derrick Chou, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of Acutus Medical. “This release enables physicians to further leverage AcQMap’s differentiated non-contact ultrasound capabilities for higher anatomical accuracy while providing a workflow that fits with existing clinical practice. The full market release of AcQMap 8.5 is an important driver of our growth plans in 2023 and thereafter.”

The AcQMap 8.5 software release enhances Acutus’ unique ultrasound capabilities by providing more fidelity and definition around key atrial structures like the pulmonary veins and left and right atrial appendage as well as highlighting open structures on the surface (e.g., mitral valve), making them easy to confidently locate, visualize, and incorporate into an individualized treatment strategy. Additionally, new workflow tools, like on-the-fly editing, have been added to further increase the efficiency and accuracy of the ultrasound-based anatomical reconstruction process. The updated algorithms in AcQMap 8.5 also improve catheter localization and visualization with a more accurate anatomical reference. Ultimately, AcQMap 8.5 provides a higher fidelity of anatomical accuracy and workflow efficiencies which allow for broader utilization of the AcQMap technology.

Acutus’ single beat, whole chamber, non-contact electro-anatomical mapping uniquely provides a holistic view of each patient’s disease enabling guidance of an individualized and optimized treatment approach. “AcQMap’s non-contact, ultrasound technology enables me to create a high-fidelity anatomy faster than most other conventional systems. This new software has been instrumental in getting better definition and catheter localization, particularly around structures which are difficult to achieve with conventional mapping technology. This accurate anatomy, combined with unique and powerful diagnostic and visualization algorithms, enables me to take a personalized approach when treating my patients with difficult-to-manage arrhythmias,” said Douglas Gibson, MD, Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at Scripps Clinic.

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