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N D Vijaya Lakshmi, Editor, American Hospital & Healthcare Management

I am excited to announce the much-awaited launch of the second edition of American Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine 2023. I would like to thank my internal team of editors, dedicated advisory board members, and accomplished industry authors for their collaboration and timely inputs. Their unwavering commitment for excellence has played a pivotal role in creating top-quality content as always.

This second edition deep dives into top trending areas in global healthcare landscape, covering - Cardiovascular Medicine & Surgery, Telemedicine, Inpatient Lab Formularies & Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Patient Diagnosis & Care.

A collection of carefully blended noteworthy topics are mentioned below for your quick reference and introduction.

Samir Redzepagic, MD, Public Health Officer, Monash Public Health outlines how the Advancements in cardiovascular medicine and cardiac surgery have improved patient outcomes and healthcare. The role of minimally invasive techniques, digital health, and novel biomarkers have enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of treating cardiovascular disease.

Shriya Sharma & Rohan Goswami from Mayo Clinic shares insight on how the emerging Telehealth domain uses electronic and telecommunications technologies to provide remote healthcare services, information, and education. They outline how telehealth complements in-person visits by utilizing virtual technologies, thus improving workflow efficiency, and enabling post-discharge monitoring.

Andrew Fletcher, Medical Director of Laboratory Stewardship, Accumen and Founder of Eutilogic Consulting speaks on Laboratory utilization & how it plays a crucial role in optimizing healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. He outlines how efficient and strategic utilization of laboratory services enhances diagnostic accuracy, facilitates timely treatment decisions, and promotes cost-effectiveness.

Benjamin W. Y. Lo, MD, Department of Neurological Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital introduces the machine learning algorithms and the clinically robust computing models – Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Bayesian Analysis that are heavily used in clinical outcome prediction model. These models complement classical approaches of regression analysis and decision tree analysis.

James Doulgeris, Chairman, Population Health Advisory Board, RSDSA elaborates on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health. In an easy to follow Q&A he outlines how AI analyses extensive medical data for accurate diagnosis and personalized care. The data is getting constantly pumped from across a wide plethora of medical sensing devices resulting in the designing of a personal treatment plan and optimal patient care regime.

I hope you enjoy this latest edition of American Hospitals & Healthcare magazine as much as we did producing it. If you'd like to contribute an article or interview to be featured in our next issue, you can reach me via email: [email protected]

At the heart of our mission lies the invaluable input, ideas, and feedback from our cherished audience. We wholeheartedly welcome you to join us in this journey of growth and collaboration. Share your valuable thoughts and connect with us on social media to stay well-informed and actively engaged with the dynamic world of the Healthcare industry.

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N D Vijaya Lakshmi

N D Vijaya Lakshmi, Editor, American Hospital & Healthcare Management

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