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Anywhere Access to Medical Imaging - Why it's so critical in a respiratory pandemic and beyond.

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses across the globe, increased exposure to the virus is occurring. Where at all possible, keeping healthcare professionals who are not providing direct patient care away from potential contact reduces risk of exposure. Traditional access to diagnostic medical imaging is via high-end workstations that require caching of large medical image studies to the desktop (traditional PACS). For referring physicians and other specialists, image access may be fragmented or tied to specialty viewers located in specific geographic locations within the facility. This webinar will discuss modern technologies that no longer require pre-caching and high end workstations to provide access to diagnostic and point-of-care medical imaging. The mechanics of providing healthcare has changed dramatically across the globe in the last several months. Many of those changes – including increased remote care – will continue beyond the initial wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. By addressing benefits, clinical and administrative workflows, reporting and collaboration, you can support clinicians in providing first class patient care and diagnoses no matter where they practice.

Hyland Webinar

What participants will learn:

  • What technologies are available to support remote access to Diagnostic medical imaging with relevant diagnostic tools
  • Workflow implications and what's required for working remotely?
  • What hardware is required to provide remote reporting?
  • How does a diagnostic reporting specialist collaborate with their Peers for second opinions?
  • How can referring providers access all types of imaging remotely to better inform their plan of care and patient education?
  • What are the network implications – especially if reporting from home?
  • How security is provided
  • How multiple facilities can leverage shared resources

5th August 2020


11:30 AM IST
2:00 PM SGT
4:00 PM AUST

Julie McDonald

About - Julie McDonald

RN - Senior Customer Advisor | Hyland Software

Julie has been with Hyland Software for 8 years, sharing her clinical expertise with the Healthcare team. Her role is to ensure that Hyland solutions meet the clinical standards of excellence required by premier healthcare organizations, while providing education, guidance, and collaboration for Hyland team members and customers alike.

Julie earned her BSN at The Ohio State University and spent 25 years practicing at the medical center, as well as a mid-sized community hospital. She has experience in a broad range of clinical settings and is based in northeast Ohio.


About - Kevin Paulazzo

Solution Architect | Hyland Software

Over 25 years' experience in the healthcare industry, Kevin's first hand clinical, technical, system administration, implementation and solution design experience provides a unique perspective on enterprise imaging and the importance of providing clinicians with access to imaging anywhere and anytime.