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ZooTampa and Tampa General Hospital Announce Long-Term Partnership to Promote a Healthier Community

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

ZooTampa at Lowry Park and Tampa General Hospital (TGH) Children's Hospital have announced an exciting multi-year partnership aimed at promoting health and wellness for visitors and residents. The collaboration will bring new family-friendly experiences and opportunities for wellness within the zoo.

As the official medical partner of the Zoo, TGH Children's Hospital will sponsor the creation of a Family Care Center in the Wallaroo section of the Zoo, a Wellness Trail, and an Annual Kids Fun Run.

Joe Couceiro, President and CEO of ZooTampa, expressed his pride in partnering with Tampa General Hospital, a renowned healthcare provider, to encourage families to engage with nature, wildlife, and physical activities that positively impact mental wellness.

The partnership between TGH Children's Hospital and ZooTampa is driven by their shared commitment to providing world-class care for both humans and animals. By joining forces, these trusted organizations in the Tampa Bay region aim to make a lasting and positive impact on the local community.

John Couris, President and CEO of Tampa General Hospital, highlighted the common values and dedication to the health and wellness of the Tampa Bay community and its wildlife that the partnership embodies. The collaboration will promote healthy habits, physical activity, prevention, and mental wellness.

Melissa Golombek, senior administrator of TGH Children's Hospital and the TGH Women's Institute, emphasized the unique opportunity the partnership presents to bring families together, allowing them to celebrate wildlife and wellness. The collaboration between ZooTampa and TGH Children's Hospital aims to educate families about prioritizing their health while having fun together.

In summary, this partnership between ZooTampa at Lowry Park and Tampa General Hospital Children's Hospital aims to enhance the well-being of the community by combining the joy of wildlife with a focus on wellness.

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