Yuma Regional Medical Center Chooses NRC Health as Its New Patient Experience Partner

Thursday, February 01, 2024

Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) has announced its partnership with NRC Health, a nationally recognized leader in improving patient experience, to prioritize human-centered healthcare solutions. Through this collaboration, YRMC aims to uphold its core value of "Patients Come First" by leveraging NRC Health's expertise in enhancing the patient experience.

As a leading not-for-profit hospital serving Yuma, Arizona, and surrounding areas, YRMC emphasizes the importance of personalized care and human connections in healthcare delivery. The decision to work with NRC Health reflects YRMC's commitment to focusing on the relational aspects of healthcare, rather than solely relying on data and digital performance metrics.

NRC Health's approach resonates with YRMC's vision of nurturing critical connections throughout the care continuum. By implementing NRC Health's Human Understanding program, YRMC seeks to capture and address the unique needs of each patient, thereby improving the overall care experience for both patients and care teams.

Through this partnership, YRMC and NRC Health aim to introduce innovative solutions, strategic insights, and actionable metrics that promote a supportive and patient-centered healthcare environment. This collaboration underscores YRMC's dedication to enhancing the quality of care and prioritizing the well-being of its patients.


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