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Xenex Introduces the World's First Disinfection Tracking System

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

TrackMate, a pioneering device developed by Xenex Disinfection Services, introduces an innovative solution for monitoring and recording disinfection and cleaning events. Specifically designed for Portable Medical Equipment (PME) and hospital rooms, TrackMate addresses the need for compliance with The Joint Commission standard IC 02.02.01 EP1.

This compact and user-friendly device easily attaches to PME and registers each disinfection and cleaning event, whether utilizing liquid chemical cleaning or UV disinfection. The data is securely stored in a portal, facilitating compliance reporting and providing valuable insights for infection control.

TrackMate replaces outdated manual tracking methods such as equipment tags and paper checklists, streamlining the process and eliminating labor-intensive tasks. It significantly enhances the frequency of PME disinfection events and ensures a 100% tracking and reporting rate for compliance, as demonstrated in peer-reviewed studies.

While primarily applicable to PME and hospital rooms, TrackMate can also be utilized in various healthcare settings, including patient rooms, emergency areas, nurse stations, laboratories, and simulation centers, enabling comprehensive disinfection tracking.

One of the key features of TrackMate is its ability to provide real-time disinfection and cleaning event status at the point of care. Healthcare professionals can easily access essential information, such as the time of the last disinfection or cleaning event, directly from the device. This feature is particularly crucial in preventing the spread of pathogens, as highlighted by the CDC's recognition of PME as a common carrier of Candida auris.

TrackMate's commercialization is supported by the VA Technology Transfer Program, aimed at benefiting Veterans and the general public by facilitating the commercialization of VA inventions. Scientific evaluation of the technology has also received funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Central Texas Veterans Healthcare System.

With its compact size measuring 2" x 5", TrackMate detects moisture (wipes) or UV light irradiation, capturing and logging all disinfection and cleaning events locally and online. Data is transmitted to an online database once a day via cellular signal. Supervisors can access the cleaning log for performance improvement or compliance validation, and each device has a battery life of approximately three years, ensuring long-lasting functionality.


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