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Wandercraft Unleashes the Future of Mobility: Atalante X, the Pioneering Self-Stabilizing Walking Exoskeleton, Takes Its First Steps in Germany

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Wandercraft, a pioneering developer in the field of mobility-assisting technology, has announced the official launch of its commercial operations in Germany. This significant development coincides with the delivery of two Atalante X exoskeletons to two renowned healthcare facilities in the country: Vivantes Klinikum Spandau in Berlin and Schön Klinik Bad Aibling Harthausen near Munich. Both institutions are recognized for their expertise in neurorehabilitation and are considered academic centers of excellence.

These two exoskeletons are being introduced as part of the EarlyExo study, which is scheduled to commence patient recruitment in September. The study's primary goal is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Atalante X exoskeleton in routine clinical rehabilitation for patients with severe hemiparesis (1-4 months post-stroke) in comparison to traditional rehabilitation methods.

This expansion of commercial activities in Germany follows Wandercraft's successful growth in key European markets, including France and Spain, as well as in the Americas. The United States remains a pivotal international target for Wandercraft, and the company has made significant strides in establishing strong partnerships with well-regarded neurological rehabilitation centers. In addition to these achievements,

Recovery from stroke and other acute neurological conditions is a complex journey that requires substantial time, effort, and resources from patients, therapists, physicians, and nurses. The Atalante X exoskeleton offers the potential to enhance mobility, core stability, balance, weight distribution, and limb function, while also providing valuable clinical insights to support ongoing product development and improve patient care.



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