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WALDO Launches Industry-First Hydra Boost Plus Lenses in the United States

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

WALDO, the innovative eyecare brand, today announces the launch of their Hydra Boost Plus contact lenses, now available at A completely new-to-the-U.S. product, these daily contact lenses are infused with a uniquely pink colored vitamin-B12 saline solution to naturally support the eyes’ ability to retain tears, reduce redness and eyestrain, and wear comfortably for twice as long.

While the formula took over five years to develop, as it brings it to market, WALDO has been thoughtful of the growing public health concern over dry eyes in a post-pandemic world which has caused ocular discomfort, poor vision and interfered with quality of life. Our eyes are under more pressure than ever before with increased screen time, allergens and air conditioning, and these lenses offer intense hydration through a gentle formula.

“We’re thrilled to finally unveil our Hydra Boost Plus daily lens in the United States,” said Ashleigh Hinde, CEO and Founder of WALDO. “We have been working hard to bring these lenses to market this summer, offering a product unlike anything else through the inclusion of vitamin-B12. We have continued to prioritize innovation while staying true to our brand mission of making eyecare accessible, and are proud to be able to offer our customers this kind of innovation while still upholding our lower price point.”

As a deficiency in vitamin-B12 can cause dry eyes, the Hydra Boost Plus saline solution benefits from the addition of cyanocobalamin, a man-made form of the vitamin, that is absorbed into the lens to help improve symptoms. The results are increased moisture in the eye due to increased tear volume and the tear stability. In addition, vitamin-B12 helps reduce eye fatigue by reducing inflammation and can also help corneal healing.

Like WALDO’s popular Hydra Boost lenses, the Hydra Boost Plus lenses are also made from ultra-breathable etafilcon A with a high water content of 58%, and features class 2 classification to block 83% of UVA and 97% of UVB rays and 25 Dk/t, ensuring WALDO wearers get the oxygen they need. These aspheric lenses also mimic the shape of the cornea, offering outstanding HD vision, with super fine, tapered smooth edges that enable low-foreign body sensation when blinking.

The new Hydra Boost Plus lenses are available now through WALDO’s flexible subscription service, delivered to customers' doors within 48 hours, in compact, chic and recyclable packaging. Part of the company’s Buy One, Give Vision program, each annual subscription plan funds a sight saving cataract procedure in remote regions of the world through their partnership with the international charity Sightsavers to give the gift of sight.

Spearheading industry change and innovation, WALDO is committed to making eyecare an essential part of everyday life through accessible, high quality products, trustworthy expert service, and a platform to elevate the vision of their customers. For more information, please visit

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