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Vitalsight™: Innovating Healthcare Equity Via Epic Health & Omron Collaboration

Friday, August 11, 2023

EPIC Health, a dedicated healthcare system serving the needs of Detroit's community, has joined forces with OMRON Healthcare, a global leader in heart health solutions. The objective of this partnership is to address health disparities and minimize the risks of heart attacks and strokes in underserved neighborhoods across Detroit. At the heart of this collaboration lies the introduction of VitalSight™, an innovative remote patient monitoring service developed by OMRON specifically for individuals dealing with high blood pressure, particularly those contending with uncontrolled Stage 2 hypertension.

VitalSight™ empowers patients by furnishing them with user-friendly technology and resources to track their blood pressure from the comfort of their homes. The data collected can be effortlessly shared with their healthcare providers, enhancing their grasp of high blood pressure management and reducing associated health hazards.

With a staggering 37 million U.S. adults grappling with uncontrolled Stage 2 hypertension, the looming threat of heart attacks and strokes is a pressing concern. This condition has the potential to lead to severe damage to arteries and organs if left untreated. VitalSight™ steps in to tackle this issue by providing a comprehensive remote patient monitoring solution that healthcare providers can extend to high-risk hypertension patients.

Enrollment into the VitalSight™ program is facilitated through healthcare providers. Patients enrolled via EPIC Health receive a meticulously curated VitalSight™ kit, comprising an OMRON connected blood pressure monitor, an optional weight scale (if prescribed), and a pre-configured data hub, all tailored to cater to the specific needs of each individual patient.

Through the utilization of VitalSight™, clinicians at EPIC Health gain the ability to customize blood pressure thresholds for each patient, while also promptly receiving alerts for readings that deviate from the normal range. This proactive approach empowers care teams to take swift action and make well-informed decisions pertaining to the patient's treatment and overall well-being.


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