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Viseon, Inc. Performs First Cranial Tumor Resection with MaxView® 4K Visualization™

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Viseon Inc. has recently marked a significant achievement by introducing its MaxView® 4K Advanced Digital Visualization (4K-ADV™) system during a neurosurgical tumor resection procedure. Having been a consistent user of Viseon HD technology for various minimally invasive spine surgery procedures for over a year, the transition to neurosurgical applications is expected to be smooth. This is particularly attributed to the superior image quality and depth perception made possible by the newly introduced MaxView 4K-ADV System.

The incorporation of the MaxView 4K-ADV System represents a further extension of Viseon's innovative digital technology, challenging established norms associated with large, expensive capital equipment in the medical field. The company's confidence in the adaptability of their technology is underscored by the seamless shift from spine surgery to neurosurgical procedures, highlighting the familiarity gained through more than a year of regular use.

Emphasizing the significance of the MaxView 4K-ADV System in neurosurgery, the announcement underscores its capacity to deliver high-quality images and improved depth perception. The language used suggests that Viseon is positioning itself as a disruptor in the medical industry, aiming to provide a cost-effective and advanced alternative to traditional systems.


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