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Visage Introduces Visage Ease VP™ for Apple's Vision Pro Platform

Saturday, February 03, 2024

Visage Imaging, a subsidiary of Pro Medicus Ltd. (ASX: PME), has introduced Visage Ease VP for Apple Vision Pro, a pioneering spatial computing platform. Tailored to harness the unique features of Apple Vision Pro, Visage Ease VP offers immersive, spatial experiences for diagnostic imaging and multimedia.

The software includes Visage's powerful cinematic rendering engine, enabling users to view stunning volume-rendered images in immersive space. With its portability and virtual screens exceeding 4K resolution per eye, Visage Ease VP allows for flexible access and freedom from lighting constraints, facilitating seamless interaction with imaging in physical spaces. Utilizing intuitive eye, hand, and voice navigation, Visage Ease VP promises an unmatched imaging experience.

UC San Diego Health is leading the pilot program, recognizing the potential of immersive visualization in enhancing patient care. By enabling sophisticated eye motion and gesture controls, Visage Ease VP aims to streamline tumor board reviews and foster collaborative healthcare environments. As part of Visage's suite of enterprise imaging applications, Visage Ease VP integrates seamlessly with widely-used EHR systems. Positioned as the latest addition to the Visage Ease family of native apps for the Apple ecosystem, Visage Ease VP complements Visage Ease and Visage Ease Pro, alongside the acclaimed Visage 7 smart-client application for macOS, providing native, ultrafast, clinically rich, and highly interoperable access to enterprise imaging.




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