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Velico Medical Introduces Blood Center Education Initiative in Collaboration with South Texas Blood & Tissue

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Velico Medical is excited to announce the introduction of its innovative Blood Center Education Program (BCEP) in collaboration with South Texas Blood & Tissue (STB&T), a subsidiary of the non-profit organization BioBridge Global, located in San Antonio. This unique partnership underscores a shared vision between Velico and STB&T to advance the development of life-saving blood products.

The BCEP offered by Velico is uniquely designed to collect valuable customer feedback regarding the commissioning and operational aspects of the FrontlineODP™ system, specifically designed for the spray drying of plasma. The aim of this cutting-edge system is to create a user-friendly, point-of-care plasma product that is easy to produce. It addresses situations where traditional frozen plasma products face challenges due to logistical constraints and limited shelf life.

Velico's proprietary spray drying process results in a powdered plasma product that can be stored at refrigerator or room temperatures and quickly reconstituted on-site. FrontlineODP has the potential to increase access to plasma for first responders, including ground and air ambulances, rural hospitals with limited plasma supplies, military applications, and during mass casualty events. South Texas Blood & Tissue is pleased to collaborate with Velico in the BCEP initiative. They take pride in their history of pioneering innovations and driving change in the field of blood transfusion products and services.


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