Vectorious Medical Technologies Reports Novel Findings from VECTOR HF Trials: Enhancing Heart Failure Patient Self-Management via Left Atrial Pressure

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Vectorious Medical Technologies Ltd. has announced the publication of a breakthrough pilot clinical study in the European Journal of Heart Failure.

The study evaluated their V-LAP system, which features a miniature digital pressure sensor implanted in the heart's interatrial septum via minimally invasive catheterization.

This sensor continuously measures left atrial pressure (LAP) and transmits data to a dedicated mobile app.

Patients can use this information to self-manage their chronic heart failure by adjusting diuretic dosages based on daily LAP data, with the goal of preventing disease progression and hospitalizations.

The study, a pioneering effort, demonstrated the safety and feasibility of patient-directed heart failure management guided by LAP. Over 12 months of follow-up, no complications related to the system were reported, and patients showed high adherence to the treatment plan.

Significant improvements were observed in quality of life measures, along with a notable reduction in heart failure-related hospitalizations.

The study's publication as a significant milestone for the company after over a decade of developing advanced medical systems and therapeutic approaches.

Vectorious plans to initiate implantations of the V-LAP system at prominent heart centers in the United States this summer, marking the next phase in their clinical trials and advancing patient-centered care for heart failure worldwide.


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