US Hospital Reaches 100th Patient Milestone Using Epione®

Thursday, May 09, 2024

Epione is on the brink of a remarkable milestone at a distinguished cancer institute, set to treat its 100th patient using its groundbreaking technology.

Developed as a robotic-assisted platform for interventional oncology, Epione aids physicians in conducting minimally invasive, percutaneous ablations on abdominal tumors.

Chief of Interventional Oncology at Miami Cancer Institute and Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, both part of Baptist Health South Florida, emphasized the significance of this technology for patients ineligible for extensive surgery or those with inoperable tumors.

Highlighted how robotic-assisted ablations offer precision in planning and placing the ablation probe, ensuring successful treatment while minimizing radiation exposure for both patients and physicians.

Epione utilizes CT-guided navigation to precisely target tumors within the abdomen, with a robotic arm assisting physicians in navigating to the optimal entry point for needle insertion, thus avoiding critical structures.

The efficiency of these procedures enables patients to potentially return home on the same day.

Quantum Surgical, the company behind Epione, expressed pride in the technology's role in advancing interventional oncology.

He reiterated their commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions that enhance patient outcomes and aim to expand access to less invasive treatments for a broader population of cancer patients.






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