Unveiling Worldwide: Fluidai Introduces Stream™ Platform, The Next-gen Ai-powered Postsurgical Monitor

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Canadian medical technology firm, FluidAI Medical, is leading a groundbreaking revolution in postoperative care. The company has introduced an innovative medical device, the Stream™ Platform, poised for its debut in both Canada and Saudi Arabia. This pioneering platform has the potential to significantly improve the precision and speed of diagnosing postoperative leaks—a serious complication associated with digestive tract surgeries. By effectively tackling this challenge, surgeons are expected to witness enhanced treatment outcomes and an elevated quality of life for their patients.

FluidAI's worldwide launch of the Stream™ Platform is the result of strategic partnerships with Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited (CHS Ltd.) and Gulf Medical Co. Ltd. This development marks a significant milestone in global postoperative care. The collaborative efforts underscore a commitment to innovation and patient welfare that transcends geographical boundaries.

The introduction of the Stream™ Platform directly addresses the urgent concerns of surgeons worldwide. It signifies a momentous stride in addressing a critical issue and holds the potential to usher in a more promising era in the realm of surgical recovery.\

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