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United Imaging Reveals Next-Generation PET/CT Systems and Integrated Molecular Technology Platform at SNMMI Conference

Monday, June 26, 2023

United Imaging, a global leader in the manufacturing of advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, made significant announcements at the annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) in Chicago. Among the showcased products was the uMI Panorama, a wide-bore system offering impressive specifications such as a 2.9 mm NEMA resolution, 35 cm axial field of view (FOV), and 194 ps timing resolution. This product eliminates the need for compromise, excelling in multiple aspects.

United Imaging also unveiled the uExcel Molecular Imaging technology platform, which integrates innovative hardware and software advancements to optimize performance, imaging capabilities, and system functionalities. The platform includes the ultra-digital platform (UDP) detector with a high-performance ASIC chip, enabling exceptional image quality with reduced radiation doses. The AI-empowered workflow streamlines operations, enhances examination efficiency, and features a quality assurance module to maintain optimal system performance.

Additionally, United Imaging introduced the uMI Panorama GS, a system with a pending 510k approval and a 148 cm axial FOV. Built on the uExcel platform, this system enables fast and high-resolution whole-body PET/CT imaging in a single bed position. United Imaging's digital portfolio, ranging from the uMI 550 to the uMI Panorama, delivers exceptional PET and CT image quality, improving accuracy in quantitative measurements and small lesion detection. The inclusion of All-In Configurations™ and Software Upgrades for Life™ ensures the longevity and relevance of their scanners from both technological and clinical perspectives.

United Imaging's uMI portfolio stands out for its integration of artificial intelligence (AI) across all products, allowing seamless optimization of daily workflows, enhanced patient experiences, and exceptional diagnostic images. The company's AI capabilities, known as uAI®, automate tasks such as patient iso-centering and scan range definition, leading to improved efficiency. The systems provide faster scanning with reduced radiation doses while maintaining high-quality PET and CT imaging across different clinical settings.



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