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UL Solutions Boosts Healthcare Tech Safety through Michigan Medical Device Testing

Friday, October 13, 2023

UL Solutions, a globally recognized leader in applied safety science, has unveiled its state-of-the-art medical device testing services at its Rochester Hills laboratory in Michigan. This expansion demonstrates a strong commitment to bolstering the thriving medical device industry in the region and enhancing the safety, security, usability, and interoperability of healthcare products.

The rapid advancement of medical device technology has led to significant advancements in patient care. To sustain this momentum and ensure the safety of medical device users, manufacturers face the challenge of striking a balance between speed and addressing potential concerns, including quality, safety, and cybersecurity.

In Michigan, a hub for medical device technology in the United States, UL Solutions now provides medical device manufacturers with a range of essential services, including third-party verification and validation, auditing, cybersecurity solutions, usability testing, and compliance training. These services are designed to assist manufacturers in navigating the complex landscape of medical device development and ensure that their products meet stringent standards.

UL Solutions' laboratory in Rochester Hills is well-equipped to perform a wide array of tests, catering to the unique requirements and specifications of medical device manufacturers. These tests include accelerated lifespan and environmental testing. The facility is designed for flexibility, enabling quick adjustments to testing setups based on manufacturers' needs. Additionally, it maintains strict environmental controls to minimize contaminants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the testing process.


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