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UE Systems Launches OnTrak Wireless for Advanced Bearing Maintenance

Wednesday, December 06, 2023

UE Systems introduces OnTrak Wireless, a revolutionary solution in autonomous bearing maintenance. Going beyond traditional bearing health monitoring, it actively prevents failures through precise autonomous lubrication, addressing issues related to lubrication that often lead to premature bearing failures. This cutting-edge technology showcases UE Systems' ongoing dedication to innovation, following the recent launch of Ultraprobe 15,000.

The OnTrak Wireless system stands out by proactively preventing defects through its incorporation of autonomous precision lubrication. Given that lubrication problems are implicated in up to 80% of premature bearing failures, this technology marks a significant advancement. The system incorporates the 950BT Wireless Sensor, integrating ultrasound, vibration, speed, and temperature monitoring into a single unit.

Powered by UE Insights, an AI-driven platform, OnTrak Wireless offers adaptable, browser-based visualizations for any asset. With advanced anomaly detection, UE Insights empowers users to identify and address unusual operational patterns early, preventing potential failures. This comprehensive solution signifies UE Systems' commitment to advancing maintenance and reliability solutions.


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