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Trukera™ Medical Launches New ScoutPro™ Osmolarity System

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Trukera™ Medical Unveils New Vision and Launches Innovative ScoutPro™ Osmolarity System

Trukera Medical, a leading company in corneal health, recently announced a corporate rebranding to reflect its expanded vision and strategic growth plans aimed at addressing broader unmet needs in the field. Today, under its new name, Trukera Medical introduced its first product, the ScoutPro™ Osmolarity System. This groundbreaking system is designed to assist eye care practices in making informed decisions regarding corneal health and is the first portable osmometer available in the United States.

Adam Szaronos, CEO of Trukera Medical, expressed excitement about the ScoutPro Osmolarity System, highlighting its development in response to the evolving needs of today's eye care professionals. Premium cataract and refractive practices, in particular, have shown a growing interest in osmolarity testing due to the prevalence of hyperosmolarity in their patient demographics and the associated risks to corneal cell health and refractive stability. To meet the demands of these practices, the ScoutPro Osmolarity System provides a patient care solution that seamlessly integrates into established operational models, prioritizing a premium patient experience, care efficiency, and minimizing staff time and disruptions. Trukera Medical is proud to bring this solution to market, helping practices objectively identify and manage this critical aspect of corneal health and refractive outcomes.

The ScoutPro Osmolarity System combines nanoliter volume sample collection and analysis in a single portable device. Eye care professionals can now conduct laboratory testing directly with patients, providing quick and objective results at their fingertips. With over 24 million globally trusted tests conducted to date, the system is built upon Trukera Medical's established accuracy and industry-leading precision.

Dr. Lisa Nijm, Chief Medical Advisor for Ophthalmology at Trukera Medical and Corneal Surgeon at Warrenville Eye Care and LASIK Center in Illinois, emphasized the importance of precisely determining osmolarity without disrupting patient flow. Toxic hyperosmolarity can damage sensitive corneal nerves and lead to refractive instability. As specialists in cornea and cataract/refractive surgery, the ability to assess osmolarity quickly and easily with ScoutPro enhances surgical outcomes and overall eye health for patients.

The ScoutPro Osmolarity System is now available for pre-order in the United States and will be officially launched at the upcoming World Cornea Congress and the American Academy of Ophthalmology later this month. For more information about the ScoutPro Osmolarity System from Trukera Medical, please visit

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