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Swiss American Cdmo And Biontx Join Forces To Establish The Biotechnology And Healthcare Industry Alliance In North Texas

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Swiss American CDMO and BioNTX have teamed up to host the inaugural launch meeting of the Biotechnology and Healthcare Industry Alliance of North Texas (BHIANT). This alliance aims to foster a collaborative workforce partnership that addresses the evolving needs of the biotechnology and healthcare sectors in the DFW area.

The primary goal of BHIANT is to cultivate a skilled labor force that meets the demands of the local community by creating pathways to high-paying, quality jobs in biotechnology, biomanufacturing, and related entry-level positions. By bringing together industry trade and manufacturing ecosystems, the alliance aims to bridge the gap between employer requirements and workforce capabilities.

Swiss American CDMO, a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization specializing in drugs and medical devices, will provide valuable expertise and insights regarding the intricacies of biotechnology in the manufacturing industry. Their contribution will help develop effective long-term strategies to attract qualified talent and facilitate the growth of the biotech sector in North Texas.

Dr. Aaron BenComo, Director of Business and Industry for BioNTX, highlighted the significance of BHIANT as an industry-driven component in the success of the biotechnology sector. By working closely with Swiss American, Dallas College, and other partner institutions, the alliance aims to address the workforce needs and drive advancements within the industry.

Komel Grover, President and CEO of Swiss American, expressed their enthusiasm to be part of the BHIANT launch alongside BioNTX, Dallas College, and other esteemed partners. With a longstanding presence of over 30 years in the DFW area, Swiss American sees this collaboration as a remarkable opportunity to advance the life sciences ecosystem by aligning trade groups, advocacy organizations, university systems, healthcare institutions, and businesses focused specifically on biotechnology in North Texas.

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