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SummitStone Health Partners Adopts Oxehealth's Contactless Patient Monitoring Solution

Friday, March 01, 2024

Oxehealth, a renowned provider of intelligent patient monitoring solutions for behavioral health, has announced its inaugural partnership in the United States with SummitStone Health Partners. SummitStone Health Partners, the largest nonprofit organization offering purpose-built behavioral health services in Larimer County, Colorado, has deployed Oxehealth's touchless patient monitoring and rounding solution, Oxevision, at the Longview Campus acute care facility in Fort Collins. The implementation aims to enhance efficiency, safety, and the quality of care while promoting effective and dignified healthcare practices. Larimer County has also actively supported this collaboration and facilitated the deployment of Oxevision.

By integrating innovative technology like Oxevision, SummitStone Health Partners endeavors to improve the overall experience and safety for both staff and patients. Notably, the deployment of Oxevision is expected to revolutionize behavioral healthcare by ensuring uninterrupted patient monitoring during nighttime hours, acknowledging the pivotal role of undisturbed sleep in the healing process.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in introducing Oxehealth's proven intelligent patient monitoring platform to the U.S. behavioral health sector. It represents a significant step towards advancing healthcare reliability and delivering better patient outcomes.




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