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Stryker Unveils Exclusive Fully Autonomous Guidance System in the Industry

Friday, July 07, 2023

Stryker, a company listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol SYK, has recently launched its Ortho Q Guidance system. This system is unique in the industry as it is the only fully autonomous guidance system available. Surgeons can conveniently control the system from the sterile field during procedures.

The Ortho Q Guidance system combines state-of-the-art camera technology with advanced algorithms featured in the newly released Ortho Guidance software. This integration enhances surgical planning and guidance capabilities. The software is specifically designed for orthopedic applications, such as Express Knee, Precision Knee, and Versatile Hip procedures, and it facilitates a streamlined workflow, improving procedural speed and efficiency. The development of Ortho Q was a collaborative effort involving teams from India, Germany, and the United States.

This platform lays the groundwork for future advancements in orthopedic surgical capabilities. The key features of the Ortho Q Guidance system include a robotics-ready platform with dual PCs and a quick-refresh camera. The software is compatible with various implant options, allowing surgeons to use their preferred implants and enabling facilities to cater to the needs of their entire service line. Additionally, dedicated software for Triathlon implants provides surgeons with valuable clinical feedback. The system has a compact design, making it suitable for use in operating rooms as well as ambulatory surgery centers.



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