St. Mary's Health System and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Georgia Ink Enhanced Healthcare Deal with Improved Data Connectivity

Friday, January 12, 2024

St. Mary’s Health Care System and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia have recently unveiled a new, multi-year provider network agreement. This agreement is designed to ensure sustained access to affordable healthcare for patients within St. Mary’s Health Care System who are covered by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia health plans. The collaborative effort is set to expedite various innovative initiatives, such as advanced data connectivity and value-based care models, aimed at enhancing health outcomes and effectively managing costs for St. Mary’s Health Care System patients enrolled in Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia health plans.

This comprehensive agreement encompasses all three of St. Mary’s acute care facilities – St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens, St. Mary’s Sacred Heart Hospital in Lavonia, and St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital in Greensboro. Additionally, it extends to providers within St. Mary’s Medical Group, St. Mary’s Home Health Care/Hospice Services, and all St. Mary’s outpatient facilities and services.

A notable feature of this collaboration is the incorporation of the Epic Payer Platform into regular operations. This technology is poised to facilitate secure patient data flow between the two organizations, enhancing operational efficiency, expediting approval processes, and ultimately improving patient outcomes. The platform's Clinical Data Exchange simplifies processes and alleviates administrative burdens for medical teams, allowing physicians to dedicate more time to patient care and less time to paperwork. This initiative signifies a significant stride towards healthcare models that align payment structures with improved health outcomes and reduced cost trends.


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