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Springbok Analytics Introduces Comprehensive Muscle Analysis for the Entire Body

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Springbok Analytics, a key player in healthcare technology, has recently introduced advanced capabilities for full-body muscle analysis, primarily aimed at research applications. Using cutting-edge AI technology, Springbok's latest offering involves the examination of MRI data to generate personalized 3D visualizations and metrics. This advancement aims to elevate the evaluation, treatment monitoring, research, and diagnostic applications of advanced imaging. The technology provides a comprehensive understanding of the musculoskeletal system by accurately measuring individual muscle volume, quality, fat infiltration, left-right asymmetries, and factors such as scar tissue, edema, and tendon morphology, with the overarching goal of improving health outcomes in human performance and life sciences.

Springbok's innovative approach places a significant focus on the importance of muscle and the musculoskeletal system in overall health. It offers unique insights into an individual's musculature, including details such as muscle size, peer comparisons, advanced fat replacement levels, post-injury compensations, disease progression, and more. Currently, a lower extremity scan by Springbok requires less than 10 minutes of imaging time, while the new full-body scan can be completed in under 60 minutes, depending on the imaging facility's equipment and capabilities.

The impact of Springbok's technology extends across life sciences, particularly in its collaboration with the global facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) community. The company actively supports innovative research and treatment development, engaging with various stakeholders. By providing groundbreaking analysis data to patients and healthcare providers, Springbok contributes to a deeper understanding of FSHD. The Springbok scan has the capability to uncover previously unnoticed issues, thereby reducing the risk of injury, minimizing chances of re-injury, and optimizing athletic performance.


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